Fighting With My Family ★★★☆☆ | Movie Review


Paige and her brother dream of joining WWE, but when Paige is the only one picked for a spot things are about to be a big adjustment for the whole family.


There are certain expectations from this sort of film, just like The Full Monty, Walk Like A Panther and Swimming With Men before it. There's something satisfying about this sort of film that makes it comforting to watch, or at least that's what you hope for going in. Fighting With My Family doesn't disappoint on that front, it's funny, emotional and a nice easy watch.

There was something about the very beginning of the film that didn't sit quite right with the rest of it. It was so brief though that it was easily forgotten, but it did momentarily make me worry.

It's definitely laugh out loud funny, although it might rely a little too much on dick jokes. That being said I did appreciate discovering the phrase "dick me dead and bury me pregnant."

While I know nothing about wrestling it doesn't seem to be an issue going in with no previous knowledge. The film is very much focused on the journey and family dynamic, and on that front it really hits the spot. The emotion around Zak is the strongest throughout. Jack Lowden plays it brilliantly and caused a fair amount, if not all, of my tears that were shed during this viewing.

The supporting cast was entertaining and Lowden was definitely the high point. As much as I love Nick Frost I'm not enjoying his recent trend in characters, I was amused by the full phone conversation with The Rock though.

I wasn't particularly blown away by Florence Pugh in the main role of Paige, she never seems like she's excited about anything that's going on. I didn't feel much emotion around her character and if anything it was just a lot of awkward.

Despite my nit-picking Fighting With My Family is a great little film and it doesn't overstay its welcome on the screen. At 1 hour and 48 minutes it's just the right length, everything is laid out, explained and concluded without any padding, there aren't many films getting that right at the moment.

What you should do

If you're looking for a fun night out then this is well worth looking out for when it's released.

Movie thing you wish you could take home

If someone could just instantly give me some of the agility to do those wrestling moves I'd be one very happy woman.