The Kid Who Would Be King ★★★ ½ ☆ | Movie Review


Alex stumbles across a sword mysteriously lodged in a boulder, he manages to dislodge the blade and unexpectedly becomes the next king to have to try and save us from Morgana.


Let's start by saying that this film is a wonderfully entertaining adventure, I don't remember the last time this sort of story graced our screens. I've always been a fan of myths and legends and this didn't disappoint.

I'm not really sure how well myths and legends are known these days, they were one of my favourite things as a child but the topic seems to go in and out of favour. I thought it was a nice start to the whole film to show a summary of the King Arthur legend, and the graphic novel style made a nice link throughout.

There are lots of great things about the film but I think my favourite is how they managed to align the fantasy and reality. The transitions between night and day, the depths of Morgana's prison and her army of the undead are all top notch. There's only one brief moment where I grumbled and that was during Morgana's transformation, she briefly resembles a poor quality Voldemort.

Louis Ashbourne Serkis gives a great performance as Alex our reluctant hero and he's supported by some solid acting, young and old(er). The little comedy duo of Alex and Bedders is so cute comparing themselves to Frodo and Sam *squee*. The adult cast was on form too, although we don't get to see much of Denise Gough, Noma Dumezweni and Mark Bonnar, which made me a little sad. Rebecca Ferguson fairs better with screen time and managed to get the evil thing down, she was particularly menacing as Morgana. Lastly cast-wise is obviously Patrick Stewart, I love him but this film made me a little glum. Firstly because young Merlin got more screen time and secondly because he looks old... that's not supposed to happen!!

At two hours it's quite long for a family film but it actually feels like it should have been longer. The ending of the film just sort of happens, the school montage and fight scenes feel relatively short when considered as part of the whole. I honestly think that the film could have taken an extra twenty minutes or so to properly complete that ending.

What you should do

You should definitely see this film, it's good old fashioned fun for all ages

Movie thing you wish you could take home

I could do with a personal Lady of the Lake who can bring me my things when they go missing.