Kobiety Mafii 2 ★★★☆☆ | Movie Review


Daria, now set up with her gang and a son, has her sights set on something bigger.


Kobiety Mafii was an experience. A second helping didn't necessarily seem advisable but I'd planned it so here we are.

The sequel certainly takes it up a notch, although I'm not sure that it's in a good way. Where the first was quite daft the second takes it so far that it almost becomes its own parody.

We left off with Daria greeting Bela and seeing the promise of a proper arse whooping to come. Sadly the beginning of 2 ignores any of the potential we were left with in that closing scene and summarily erases a character from the script before we've even really begun.

This time we're going international and in this instance means Columbians. They may well be the worst criminals I've ever seen in film, by worst I mean useless. Who tortures someone for information when they don't have a translator who will understand what he's telling you? They also must have spent a fortune on rockets... two wasted before the third finally destroys a boat... that's how you get your budget slashed.

The first of our new "Women of Mafia" ensemble is Aida, she's a solid business woman but like everyone in this film she goes loopy quite quickly. She also develops Tourette's Syndrome during the film but it's honestly hard to follow whether it just appears or if she had it all along.

The second new addition is Stella, daughter of Mat who rescues Aida from open sea after that rocket launcher incident. (Mat, by the way, is clearly a stand-up guy, he puts a woman he was shagging on his yacht out into a dinghy and sets her adrift after they find Aida... the twists in all these relationships are nuts.) Stella has a very steep learning curve and processes through the criminal world until her body count skyrockets and pretty much guarantees her a spot in the next film.

These two accompany the original mafia wives who are still doing their thing. Anna has learnt a few tricks in prison and embarks on the maddest rehabilitation you've ever seen, and Siekiera ends up being radicalised. I'm not sure if Siekiera's end will see her return in 3, but Anna looks like a dead cert I'm afraid. *sigh*

I just want to list all the ridiculous things in this film, but we'd be here for a very long time. One thing that makes the Kobiety Mafii 2 struggle is the fact that there are so many characters in so many different bits of story. It's not so easy to follow when you're having to take notice of the subtitles too. There's a bit of erratic camera work that pops up in this instalment as well, but it's not a bad film... I mean, it's terrible, but it's entertaining. Despite its length it didn't feel like you were being subjected to 2 hours and 20 minutes of it. It really does benefit from having so many jaw-dropping moments that you're just swept along.

What you should do

If you saw the first then seeing the second really should be your highest priority.

Movie thing you wish you could take home

Bear. On. A. Bicycle. Comedy gold... I'm not even kidding, if I put "ROFL" I wouldn't be exaggerating, hire him for kids parties!