Kobiety Mafii ★★★ ½ ☆ | Movie Review


A policewoman goes undercover with the mafia to try and bring them down from the inside.


Where to begin... part of my Cineworld challenge is to see all of the different non-standard screenings so that means seeing a foreign film. Lots of them sound interesting but I wasn't sure where to start so Kobiety Mafii 2 was recommended to me for something a bit more actiony on my first go. But of course the "2" in that title says it all, there's a "1" to watch.

I'll give this film its due, it certainly has a lot of action. It's basically sex and drugs and no rock 'n' roll. It's a lot, of everything, and a little bit ridiculous (but in the good way).

The gist of the movies is that a policewoman has an idea to catch all the criminals by telling them they've won World Cup tickets (which I'm convinced they pinched from Brooklyn 99), it backfires which leads to the best exchange of the movie...

"Call back-up!" 
 "What code?"  
 "F***ing all of them!!"

Said policewoman then gets fired from the police force, hired by a guy doing an undercover operation, and promptly abandons her family and gets in deep with the mafia... and that goes about as well as you'd expect.

There are some surprisingly good performances, along with some truly terrible ones, although I think the latter is mainly to do with the characters. I was most impressed with Agnieszka Dygant who played the nanny/Daria. It's a bit of a shame that she had so much screen time with Anna, it does at least give her the chance to be the sensible and at some times devious one in the room. I did end up rooting for the nanny even when she went a little nuts towards the end.

As some advanced warning, Kobiety Mafii is a little brutal on the sex front, and there are multiple scenes with drug use... and some bloody terrible singing.

Kobiety Mafii might be a slightly dubious film but it was entertaining in a funny/traumatising way. There are a fair few moments that leave you going "what?!" at the screen... one being the car pile up on the motorway, how can these people not drive?! It's not badly made either only one scene left me cringing in that respect, there's a rather dramatic shot of two characters kissing while they stand on top of a boat but it's rocking so much that they stumble, perfectly reflects real life but it isn't very cinematic. As a quibble though it's quite small, this bizarre little film was quite amusing so seeing 2 should be interesting.

What you should do

If you can sit through subtitles and you happen to come across this somehow then you might as well watch it, it's quite a film.

Movie thing you wish you could take home

I will do what that nanny should have done, taken that first bag of cash and run.